Fusion Ultra Precision OCXO 10MHz Master Clock (Single output /EXT DC power model )

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Precautions when ordering:
This product is a model for external DC power supply only.
You must have an external DC power supply that meets the specifications of this product.
Our recommended external DC power supply product is "LTPW05".
Please purchase them as an option.
We will ship your order approximately 7 days after your order is confirmed.

Product Overview :
Harnessing CyberShaft's technology and experience, this is a budget-friendly master clock designed specifically for audio enthusiasts. By incorporating an ultra-precise OCXO and focusing on a single output, we offer high performance without the high price tag. Featuring not only a dedicated external DC power supply, but also two next-generation LT3045 linear regulators for ultra-low noise and ultra-high PSRR.
We've continued our tradition of utilizing handpicked OCXO units recycled from industrial equipment, delivering the quality you've asked for. Rest assured, reliability and stability are on par with our previous products. Expect identical functionality and performance. Choose your grade based on phase noise characteristics (phase noise -113dBc/Hz to -104dBc/Hz @offset 1Hz). Even our "FUSION OP04" grade boasts phase noise characteristics equivalent to or better than rubidium oscillators found in high-end audio equipment. Affordable in price, yet professional in performance.
*External DC power supply is sold separately.


  • Uses long-term calibrated OCXO Type2 units, recycled from industrial equipment, ensuring unparalleled stability.
  • OCXO units are thermally insulated, allowing them to operate at peak performance.
  • This product stands out as the most compact yet high-performing design in CyberShaft's lineup.
  • Stable on any surface with its three-point aluminum die-cast legs, with the option to replace with spikes using 4mm screws.
  • Switch between 50Ω and 75Ω output impedance settings (patented design).
  • Choose between connecting the output GND to the unit's GND or isolating (insulating) it (patented design), catering to the intricate GND processes of various audio systems.
  • External DC power is regulated using two ultra-low noise, ultra-high PSRR LT3045 units, ensuring the cleanest power delivery to the OCXO.
  • The internal circuit board uses a hefty 70μm thick copper foil, with an optimized layout refined through extensive testing.
  • Features an LED monitor to ensure the oven circuitry is functioning correctly and managing the OCXO unit's temperature.
  • Precise characteristics measured with high-caliber calibrated instruments, guaranteeing clock quality with phase noise and Allan deviation plotted for each unit.
  • 2-year warranty included.

Ultra-low noise, ultra-high PSRR linear power regulator:
Experience the pinnacle of performance with the next-generation linear regulator LT3045, now incorporated in a dual-structured regulator circuit.

When DC power is input from an external DC terminal, it's meticulously regulated to 12V. This is achieved by employing two LT3045 units in parallel to distribute the current, known for their unparalleled high PSRR, ensuring a pristine DC supply to the OCXO.

Note: PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio) refers to the ability to counteract voltage fluctuations from the input power. It's especially crucial for filtering out any power supply ripple when present.

Experience flexibility with our CYBERSHAFT's Impedance Switch. Audio equipment's external 10MHz clock input impedance typically falls into either the 50Ω or 75Ω categories. While 50Ω is common for measuring instruments, 75Ω is prevalent in audio devices due to the word clock's input impedance. Ensuring impedance matching can effectively prevent the emergence of reflection waves. Our clock products come with a switch that lets you set the clock output impedance to either 75Ω or 50Ω according to your device (Utility Model Registered). Should you change your audio equipment in the future, our system ensures consistent impedance matching for the external 10MHz clock.

With CYBERSHAFT, you can switch the output GND potential between "isolated from the chassis GND" and "chassis GND". If the device's output GND is commonly grounded, a GND loop noise can emerge due to GND potential differences between the connected devices. Typically, insulating each output's GND gives better noise immunity. However, in systems where each device's GND is solidly grounded, having the output GND grounded to the chassis GND might offer better noise results. Given the variety in audio system environments, you can choose the most suitable method for yours.

External DC Power Supply:
This device operates solely on an external DC power supply. Ensure to prepare an external DC supply. The external DC specification is 13.5V~16V 1.1A, with a recommended voltage of 14V.
We recommend our LTPW05 external DC power supply. Of course, it can also operate with your own DC power supply.
External DC Plug Standard: The specification is 2.1mm/5.5mm. While regular DC plugs are compatible, we use a screw-in jack. [RS Product 487-820]

Fusion OP grade OCXO characteristic selection value:
The OCXO installed in our product is a recycled unit from industrial devices. After months of calibration, we use only the most stable units. We've meticulously chosen these to serve as audio clocks, based on phase noise characteristics and short-term stability (Allan deviation). Merely measuring the inherent output traits of the inbuilt OCXO unit doesn't suffice for a product assessment. Our calibration measures the product's entire performance, including the buffer circuit, right from its output terminals.

[ Selection characteristic value ]

OP GRADE  Phase Noise @ offset 1Hz / 10Hz Allan Deviation tau=1sec
OP13 > -113 dBc/Hz  /  -130 dBc/Hz > 5.6E-13 (0.00056ppb/s)
OP12 > -112 dBc/Hz  /  -130 dBc/Hz > 6.0E-13 (0.00060ppb/s)
OP11 > -111 dBc/Hz  /  -130 dBc/Hz > 6.5E-13 (0.00065ppb/s)
OP09 > -109 dBc/Hz  /  -130 dBc/Hz > 7.0E-13 (0.00070ppb/s)
OP07 > -107 dBc/Hz  /  -130 dBc/Hz > 9.5E-13 (0.00095ppb/s)
OP04 > -104 dBc/Hz  /  -130 dBc/Hz > 2.0E-12 (0.02001ppb/s)

The above values are guaranteed values measured individually, not general catalog values (Typical), so the quality of the product is constant.

* For the phase noise offset of 1Hz, an appropriate value with an offset of 1.000Hz to 1.099Hz is used to avoid averaging errors. Measuring phase noise is very sensitive and has instrumental and measurement errors. The indicated phase noise values include measurement errors, not absolute values. The indicated phase noise value is a value measured under the same conditions of our company and is an index of product grade classification.

OP grade guarantee card:

An "OP grade certificate" with hologram is always attached to each OP grade product.
A tamperproof sticker is attached in the center. A hologram is printed on the right edge. In addition, a hologram sheet with the serial number described in the option grade certificate will be attached to the OCXO unit inside the main unit. Please be sure to check when purchasing for second use.
Guarantee Card sample

Compatible audio products:

ESOTERIC Grandioso T1,K1X,K1,P1X,P1X,P1,D1X,D1,K-01XD,K-01Xs,K-01X,K-01,K-03XD,K-03Xs,K-03X,K-03,K-05Xs,K-05X,K-05,K-07Xs,K-07X,K-07,,D-02X,D-02,D-05X,D-07X,P-021,P-02X,N-01XD,N-01,N-03T,N-05XD,N-05,G-0,G-0s,G-0Rb,G-02,G-03X,G-25U,TASCAM CG1000 / dCS Vivaldi clock,Paganini clock,Scarlatti Clock / MUTEC iCLOCK,MC-3+,MC-3+USB / Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX HD,OCX-V,OCX,TRINITY,PURE2,ZODIAC PLATINUM,Amari / VMV SMSL D3 / DELA N1-S38 / Phasemation HD-7A / SFORZATO DSP-Vera,DSP-Dorado,DSP-Pavo,DSC-Vera,DSC-Drado,DSC-Grus,DSP-01,DST-01,DSP-03,DSP-05 / TEAC UD-701N,UD-503,UD-505,UD505-X,NT-503,NT-505,NT-505-X / SPEC RMP-X1 / Sound Warrior SWD-CL10 (OCX) / TechDAS D-7,D7i / M2TECH EVO DAC TWO PLUS,HIFACE EVO TWO / CH Precision C1,D1 / Triode TRV-CD6SE/BK / aurender W20,N20,N150 / soulnote D-3,D-2,S-3 / SOtM sMS-200ultra,tX-USBultra,SOtM sNH-10G (require master clock input function) /GUSTARD U16,U18,R26,A26,X26pro / Singxer SU-2 / iFi Audio Pro iDSD (Signature) / UpTone Audio EtherREGEN / Audio Gd DI-20HE,DI-20,R-7HE (version 2020),R-7 (version 2020)
Other, master clock generator with 10MHz clock input, CDP, DDC, DAC, Audio HUB, etc.
*If you are uncertain about the specifications of the device you are using, please contact us with the model name.

Accessories: instruction manual, test report, and phase noise/Alan Deiviation characteristic graph
BNC cable is not included.
Output: 10 MHz x 1 lines, sine wave
Output level: 1.6 V p-p ( with 50 ohm setting)
Output impedance: 50 ohms/75 ohms Each system is individually switchable
Output GND potential: Main body GND/insulation can be switched (each system can be switched independently)
Body size: W110mm x D212mm x H70mm (including protrusions) Optional Spike insurator use H78mm
Weight approx. 1 kg
External DC power supply: DC 13.5V-16V 1.1 A recommended voltage 14V
External DC plug standard: 2.1 mm/5.5 mm screwable
○ 2-year free repair guarantee
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.