Ultra Pure DC Power Supply LTPW01

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Precautions when ordering :
External DC power supply recommended for all Cybershaft OCXO products.
This product does not include a DC cable for connecting to OCXO products and an AC power cable.
Please purchase these cables as an option.
We will ship your order approximately 6 days after your order is confirmed.

Product Overview :
An ultra-high purity external DC power supply developed exclusively for Cybershaft OCXO / distributors.
Adopts an ultra-low noise, ultra-high PSRR secondary power supply circuit equipped with three next-generation linear regulator LT3045.
The advantage of this external DC power supply is that by providing the power supply section outside the OCXO clock body, it completely eliminates the influence of minute vibrations and electromagnetic waves.
You can choose from two designs ( with or without a cast material front panel ) according to the Cybershaft clock model you are using.
* The only difference between LTPW01 and LTPW01P is whether or not there is a cast front panel. Performance is the same.
*The chassis surface treatment has been changed from alumite to metallic silver paint. (11-May-2022)

The LT3045, which is a next-generation linear regulator with ultra-low noise and ultra-high PSRR, is installed as a secondary filter circuit. It has a three-unit structure to operate the LT3045 under the ultimate conditions. It is a two-stage circuit that thoroughly eliminates noise with a secondary filter circuit after passing through the primary power supply circuit.
Precision conductor "102 SSC" is used for the lead wire of the custom-made large R-core transformer with the minimum leakage magnetic flux used in this machine. Equipped with a proven linear power supply that uses a SiC Schottky barrier diode, a large-capacity low-ESR capacitor, and OSCON as the primary power supply. 102SSC is also used for the internal wiring material.
Equipped with 2 outputs of ITT XLR-4P connector for output. It also enables the connection of future expansion equipment such as distributors. (Two units cannot be connected to OCXO products at the same time.)
We have prepared three types of cables using a 14-gauge extra-thick oxygen-free copper cable. Keep the unit as far away from the OCXO main unit as possible.
For the internal substrate, a copper foil substrate with a thickness of 70 μm, which is twice the normal thickness, is used.
There are two types of front panel designs, one for OCXO products that do not have an acrylic panel on the front panel, and the other for OCXO products that have an acrylic panel on the front panel.

< For OCXO products that do not have an acrylic panel on the front panel. >
- LTPW01 -
(OP21A-D, OP20A-D )

< For OCXO products with an acrylic panel on the front panel. >
- LTPW01P -
(MA series, OP21A-1, OP20A-1, OP20E-1)

Ultra-low noise and ultra-high PSRR linear power supply :
Equipped with a circuit with a three-unit structure that maximizes the performance of the new-generation linear regulator LT3045.

After the primary power supply circuit, a double-structured power supply circuit equipped with the ultra-high PSRR LT3045 is installed. It is designed to obtain extremely high PSRR by distributing the current using three LT3045s in parallel. In conjunction with the three LT3045 devices on the OCXO main unit side, it synergistically enables extremely pure power supply.
Note) PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio) The power supply voltage fluctuation elimination ratio. Ability to remove power ripple if the input power has power ripple.

Option: LTPW01 (P) dedicated connection cable:
A 14-gauge oxygen-free copper OFC extra-thick lead wire is used for the connection cable. Use NEUTRIC's XLR4P for the plug and RS478-820 with a lock recommended by us for the OCXO / distributor side.
It is desirable to keep the unit as far away from the OCXO main unit as possible. However, the effect of noise induced in the DC cable cannot be ignored if the distance is too large. We have prepared three types of carefully selected DC connection cables as an option.
( LTPW-C35: 35 cm $30.00 / LTPW-C60: 60 cm $32.00 / LTPW-C90 : 90 cm $35.00 )

Power supply: AC100V 50 / 60Hz Maximum 32W Normal 9W
option A: 110-127V / option B: 220-240V
Output: DC13.5V 1A
Output connector: ITT XLR (Cannon) connector 4P 2 systems (total current 1A)
Optional DC connection cable 35 cm / 60 cm / 90 cm
Body size: W141mm x D210mm x H90mm (including protrusions) H100mm when using   spike foot options
Weight about 1.7 kg
○ With a 2-year free repair warranty
* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.