about Cybershaft

<< About Cybershaft >>

We are a Japanese company that has been selling products developed and manufactured in-house since 2007, mainly clock products.

<< Our Export guidelines >>
Complying with the shipping country's Japanese laws, we do not list any low value on the customs declaration.
Our products are precision instruments. We do not recommend purchasing by a reseller transfer agent.
We do not sell to the transfer agent at all. It can hamper your satisfaction.
We have an obligation to provide you with satisfaction.
Therefore, please understand that it can not be shipped to the transfer agent.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Cybershaft Co..,LTD
Address: 960-63 Okami-cyo Ushiku-city Ibaraki JAPAN
Zip Code: 300-1204
Phone Number: +81-29-871-4668 (JAPANESE LANGUAGE ONLY)