75ohm Pure Silver BNC cable

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We are pleased to announce the release of our highly anticipated premium clock cable, which has been requested by our valued customers.
This meticulously crafted BNC cable has been extensively tested in combination with various manufacturers' BNC connectors and pure silver coaxial cables to achieve optimal results when used with our clock products.
It offers exceptional resolution without any harshness in sound reproduction.
Furthermore, it maintains balanced tonality across the entire frequency range without compromising the midrange and low-end frequencies.

[ [ Key Features ] ]

  • Utilizes a combination of pure silver core wires (0.28mm x 5 and 0.30mm x 1) and a double-shielded coaxial cable with a 40μ silver-plated mesh.
  • Features the top-of-the-line CF-BNC(R) connectors from FURUTEC, incorporating rhodium plating and carbon fiber.
  • Precisely assembled using silver solder (WBT-0800) and undergoing meticulous processing.
  • Each cable is individually inspected and tested using a network analyzer to ensure perfect SWR characteristics and impeccable workmanship.
  • Although it is a 75Ω impedance cable, we have confirmed that it delivers sufficient performance when connected between our clock products and 50Ω equipment. (Listening evaluations are conducted using both 50Ω equipment-to-equipment and 75Ω equipment-to-equipment connections.)
  • Available in three cable lengths: 0.5m, 1m, and 1.5m.

[ [ Specifications ] ]

Connector Type: BNC 75Ω
Cable Impedance: 75Ω
Cable Outer Diameter: 9.5mm
SWR test results for each cable will be provided as an attached test report.

[ [ Important Notes and Additional Information ] ]

  • When using our products with standard sine wave signals, there is minimal signal degradation due to cable length. Please prioritize the placement of each device and select an appropriate cable length.
  • When using square wave signals, signal degradation occurs due to cable capacitance. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the shortest possible cable length based on your specific usage environment.
  • For the standard sine wave signals produced by our products, we have verified that this cable can deliver sufficient performance when used to connect 50Ω equipment.
  • However, when using square wave signals with 50Ω equipment-to-equipment connections, it is possible that the influence of reflections may become more significant. In such cases, it may be advisable to avoid using this cable.

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