4-Output Ultra Pure Clock Distributor DST-03

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Precautions when ordering :

This product is a model for external DC power supply only.
You must have an external DC power supply that meets the specifications of this product.
Our recommended external DC power supply product is "LTPW02" or "LTPW05".
"LTPW02" and "LTPW05" does not include DC cable and AC cable.
Please purchase them as an option.
If you are already using LTPW02 (P) in your OCXO product, you can supply power from the second DC output terminal of LTPW02 (P). In that case, please purchase only our dedicated DC cable additionally.
If you prepare your own external DC power supply, use a linear power supply of 14V-16V 0.3A (or higher).
We will ship your order approximately 12 days after your order is confirmed.

Product Overview :
High-precision clock signal distribution requires a high-precision distributor.
It is a clock signal 4 distributor that can be used for a single DAC system or a system that supplies multiple 10MHz clocks to a HUB.
It has pass characteristics that do not impair clock accuracy for all our grades.
Since it is dedicated to an external DC power supply, it is necessary to supply DC from an external DC power supply. Equipped with LT3045 regulated circuit.
You can choose from two designs, with or without a cast material front panel, according to the clock model you are using.
*The chassis surface treatment has been changed from alumite to metallic silver paint. (11-May-2022)

Features :
It is a signal distributor that can distribute all of our OCXO grade high precision 10MHz signals into 4 with almost no loss of characteristics.
Equipped with 4 system outputs that can be used when multiple clock signals are required in a device configuration such as a single DAC or HUB. Impedance of 50 ohms or 75 ohms can be set for each output system. (Registered utility model)
You can set whether to connect the output GND potential to the main unit GND or to isolate it. It can handle complicated GND processing that differs depending on your audio system in detail. (Registered utility model)
The input signal conforms to all levels output from all our clock products. The input impedance is only 50 ohms.
The output gain can be selected from 0 dB (voltage ratio 1 times) or + 4 dB (voltage ratio 1.58 times).
The DC supplied from the external DC power supply is regulated to a clean 12V by the internal LT3045 and supplied to the circuit.
Uses aluminum die-cast 3-point support feet that can be stable on any installation surface. It is possible for the user to replace it with a spike support foot, etc. by himself with a 4 mm screw.
Be sure to prepare an external DC power supply as it is exclusively for an external DC power supply. It can be connected from the free DC output connector of our external power supply LTPW01. (DC cable sold separately)
It comes with a 2-year free repair warranty.

About the output impedance 50Ω / 75Ω switching function :
The impedance of the external 10MHz clock input of audio equipment is divided into 50Ω or 75Ω products. In measuring equipment, 50Ω is common, but in audio equipment, the input impedance of the word clock is 75Ω, so the external 10MHz input is also 75Ω in many cases. Impedance matching is effective in preventing the generation of reflected waves, so it is best to match the impedance of the external clock input of your audio equipment.
For our clock products, the clock output impedance can be set to 75Ω / 50Ω according to the device you are using with a switch. (Registered utility model)
Even if your audio equipment changes in the future, impedance matching of the external 10MHz clock can be reliably supported.

Output GND insulation / chassis GND selection function :

The output GND potential can be switched between "insulated from the chassis GND" and "housing GND". If the output GND of this unit is grounded in common, when multiple devices are connected, the GND potential difference of each device will flow through the GND of the connection cable, causing noise called a GND loop. Therefore, it is usually better to insulate the GND of each output for better noise resistance. Depending on the system you are using, the GND of each device may be firmly grounded. If there is no GND potential difference between these devices, it may be better to have the output GND grounded to the chassis GND to obtain better results against noise.
Since the environment of the audio system is various, you can choose the most suitable method according to your own environment. The bottom plate of this machine is equipped with a housing GND terminal.

Specification :
4 signal distributor for ultra-low phase noise OCXO
Accessories : Instruction manual, test report, phase noise / Allan Deviation characteristic graph of signal passage characteristics, 75Ω terminators 3pcs
* DC power cable is not included. Please be sure to purchase it as an option.

Input: 10MHz sine wave 0.5Vp-p to 3.0Vp-p
Input impedance: 50 ohms
Output gain: 0 dB / + 4 dB switching type
Output: 10MHz x 4 systems sine wave
Output impedance: 50 ohms / 75 ohms (each system can be switched independently)
Output GND potential: Main unit GND / insulation can be switched (each system can be switched independently)
External DC power supply: DC 13.5V to 16V 0.3A Recommended voltage 14V
External DC plug standard: 2.1mm / 5.5mm can be screwed in
Body size: W141mm x D210mm x H90mm (including protrusions) H100mm when using options
Weight 0.9 kg
○ With a 2-year free repair warranty ○ Products with domestic product liability insurance
* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.