OCXO Clock Products Selection Guide

Our clock products are designed to be flexibly selected according to your audio equipment, listening environment, and budget. We categorize and explain frequently asked questions below for clarity.
・ About OP Grade
・ Differences and features of each clock product, and how to choose
・ About external DC power supply
・ About installation methods

■ About OP Grade
Our clocks have a uniquely set performance indicator called "OP Grade." There is a wide range from OP04 to OP21, with higher grades indicating better characteristics and performance. This OP Grade is common across all series, and products with the same OP number have equivalent clock characteristics and performance on measurement. For example, Palladium OP19 and MA2-OP19 have the same clock characteristics.
Even an OP04 can outperform clocks built into commercially available high-end DACs costing over US$7000. You will clearly feel the effect of an external clock with anything above an OP13 grade. The highest, OP21 grade, boasts the highest characteristics among 10MHz clocks in audio products worldwide as of March 2024.
The audible difference is so subtle below a 2-grade difference in OP Grade that it is hard to distinguish in a blind test. Only when comparing, for example, OP10 to OP13, can the difference be felt. However, since there are definite characteristic differences between OP Grades as measured, we recommend choosing the highest OP Grade product within your budget.
Specific characteristic values indicated by the OP Grade are shown on each product's page. The range of OP Grades available varies by model, so we recommend making a comprehensive selection in conjunction with your budget.

■ Differences and Features of Clock Products, How to Choose
Our clock products are divided into series based on chassis structure and number of outputs.

【 Palladium Series 】

These use a simple chassis design, maintaining high performance while keeping costs down. The anti-vibration and anti-magnetic functions are standard class, so they need to be installed in places as unaffected as possible by vibrations from the floor or strong electromagnetic waves from power amps.
For a single output, our high-precision distributor can be used for connections to multiple devices.
The same size LTPW05 is available as a dedicated external DC power supply.

【 MA2 Series, OP20A-2, OP21A-2 】

These clocks use a double-chassis structure with strong anti-vibration and anti-magnetic features, designed for the highest audio performance. Ideal for those seeking an excellent master clock at the heart of their audio system, even if it means slightly increasing the budget.
Equipped with two outputs, allowing simultaneous connection to devices like DACs, HUBs, and music servers. Additional outputs can connect more devices using our high-precision distributor.
Designed to meet the demands of those prioritizing audio performance, offering a significant improvement in sound quality.
*MA2 Series and OP20A/21A-2 only differ in output characteristics based on OP Grade; other specifications are equivalent.

【 OP21A-D, OP20A-D,OP19A-D,OP18A-D 】

To minimize the impact on sound quality, it features a 2mm thick aluminum plate and a 3mm thick pure copper plate at the bottom of the chassis, enhancing anti-magnetic and anti-vibration capabilities to effectively block external interference. It is equipped with four outputs, allowing for direct connection to up to four devices compatible with a 10MHz clock from a single unit. This series is an ideal choice for those who wish to supply precise clock signals to up to four audio devices from the outset.

■ About External DC Power Supply
All our clock products require an external DC power supply. We offer LTPW02(P) and LTPW05 to match the chassis size. LTPW02 and LTPW05 only differ in chassis size and the DC output connector shape from the power unit, with identical performance and characteristics including used parts.
For the MA2 series, we recommend the similarly designed LTPW02P, but LTPW05 is also effective for those wishing to minimize the power supply size. Similarly, LTPW02 or LTPW05 can be chosen for OPxx-D types. For the Palladium series, the smaller LTPW05 would be suitable.
Switching type power supplies generally are not preferred in audio due to their significant adverse effects by leaking spike noise to both DC and AC sides.
Also, commercial power supplies like the IFI iPOWER ELITE (15V) or HYPSOS have received positive evaluations from customers.

■ About Installation Methods
The clock unit is sensitive to vibrations and electromagnetic waves. Therefore, please install it on a floor surface where there is as little sound pressure and mechanical vibration as possible. Additionally, try to avoid stacking the clock unit and its power supply vertically if possible.