75ohm Pure Silver BNC cable

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Introducing Our Premium Clock Cable

In response to user requests, we have produced a top-class clock cable for use with our clock products. We have already received high praise and tremendous support from users both domestically and internationally.
After listening to a combination of BNC connectors from various manufacturers and coaxial cables using sterling silver core wires, we found that this BNC cable is a carefully crafted BNC cable that exhibits the best performance when combined with our clock products. This cable provides very high resolution without being harsh. It does not become thin even from the midrange to the low range, and is characterized by a beautiful, balanced tone across the entire range.
This is a gem that we especially recommend for our clock products of OP15 or higher grade!

Key Features:

  • Employs a blend of pure silver core wires (0.28mm x 5 and 0.30mm x 1) coupled with a double-shielded coaxial cable layered with a 40μ silver-plated mesh.
  • Integrated with FURUTEC's elite CF-BNC(R) connectors, which boast rhodium plating and carbon fiber detailing.
  • Assembled with precision using silver solder (WBT-0800) while undergoing detailed processing.
  • Every cable undergoes individual inspection and testing via a network analyzer, guaranteeing optimal SWR attributes and faultless craftsmanship.
  • While primarily a 75Ω impedance cable, we've ascertained its top-tier performance when bridging our clock products with 50Ω equipment. Both 50Ω and 75Ω equipment-to-equipment connections have been evaluated through listening tests.
  • Available in various lengths: 0.3m (new addition), 0.5m, 1m, and 1.5m.

Development story

In order to maximize the effectiveness of our clock products, many users have requested ultra-high quality cables that surpass even the best semi-rigid cables. There are high-end BNC cables unique to each manufacturer on the market, but many of them cost over 100,000 yen, making it difficult to decide to install one easily.
In light of this situation, we have carefully selected high-quality BNC connectors from domestic and overseas audio component manufacturers and several types of high-quality cables, and conducted a blind listening test to verify the difference in sound quality between these combinations. As a result, we discovered a truly miraculous combination that significantly improved sound quality, and decided to commercialize it.
Since we are not a cable manufacturer, we keep the price of this product to only the material cost and a small processing cost in order to provide our customers with the lowest possible price. As a result, we are confident that we have achieved competitive performance compared to products on the market that cost over 100,000 yen per meter.


  • Connector Type: BNC 75Ω
  • Cable Impedance: 75Ω
  • Cable Outer Diameter: 9.5mm
  • Each product comes with a detailed SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) measurement test report.

Important Considerations & More:

  • For standard sine wave signals with our products, the cable length has a negligible impact on signal degradation. Prioritize device placement and select a suitable cable length.
  • However, with square wave signals, cable capacitance can degrade the signal. Hence, opting for the shortest cable length tailored to your usage scenario is advised.
  • For our products' standard sine wave signals, this cable's performance remains undiminished when connected to 50Ω equipment.
  • Still, when square wave signals operate in 50Ω equipment-to-equipment connections, reflections might amplify. In such instances, consider other cable options.

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