625KHz Ultra Precision Clock 16 Divider for NADAC

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Precautions when ordering :

This product is a model for external DC power supply only.
You must have an external DC power supply that meets the specifications of this product.
Our recommended external DC power supply product is "LTPW01/02/05"
If you are already using LTPW01/02/05 in your OCXO product, you can supply power from the second DC output terminal of LTPW01/02/05. In that case, please purchase only our dedicated DC cable additionaly.
Alternatively, you can use the DC terminal branch plug that comes with this product to distribute the power from the DC terminal supplied to the OCXO to the DC input of this product using a separately sold DC cable.
If you prepare your own external DC power supply, use a linear power supply of 14V-16V 0.2A (or higher).
We will ship your order approximately 12 days after your order is confirmed.
Since this is a product exclusively for Cybershaft clocks, we cannot guarantee that it will work when connected to other companies' 10MHz clocks.
This product is produced in limited quantities.

Features :
This is a clock generator that divides the Cybershaft high-precision OCXO 10MHz clock by 16 to generate a 625KHz clock exclusively for NADAC.
Due to its small size, it can be connected directly to the output terminal of the clock body using a BNC relay plug. This connection method allows installation to eliminate signal degradation on the input side as much as possible. (BNC relay plug sold separately)
External DC power supply only. It can be connected to the free DC output connector of our external power supply LTPW01/02/05. Alternatively, the DC supplied to the OCXO can be distributed and connected using the included DC branch plug. (DC cable sold separately)
Comes with a 2-year free repair warranty.

Specification :
625KHz clock generator for ultra-low phase noise OCXO
Accessories Instruction manual, DC branch plug
*DC power cable is not included. Please be sure to purchase as an option.
Input range: 10MHz sine wave 0.5V p-p to 3.0V p-p
Input impedance: 75 ohm
Output: 625KHz x 2 systems square wave
Output impedance: 75 ohm
Output voltage: 2Vp-p
External DC power supply: DC 13.5V to 16V 0.2A
External DC plug standard: 2.1mm/5.5mm screwable
Body size: W110mm x D150mm x H40mm (including protrusions)
Weight: approx. 0.3Kg
○2-year free repair guarantee.
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.