2-Output Transformer type clock distributor

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About 2-Output Transformer type clock distributor :

Divides the 10MHz clock of the cyber shaft clock product into two.
Since it is a transformer type, it can be distributed with almost no deterioration in clock quality.
The input impedance is 50 ohms.
The output impedance is 50 ohms x 2 systems.
All products can be used with peace of mind by measuring the SWR for each unit and confirming the characteristics.

Specifications :
■ Input SWR 1.1 or less (10 MHz when 50Ω impedance is connected)
■ Output SWR 1.2 or less (10 MHz when 50Ω impedance is connected)
■ Compatible impedance: Clock input side 50Ω, output side 50Ω, 2 systems

* The input side must be connected to the 50Ω impedance output.
* The output level of this distributor will decrease.
For output level 1.6V-pp → Approximately 1.1V-pp
Please note that the output level of this item will be low, so the connected audio device may not be locked.
* To connect the output side to an audio device with a 75Ω input impedance, use our 50Ω matching adapter to match the input impedance to 50Ω.
* There is no isolation between GND.
Therefore, please note that the two devices connected to the output may induce ground loop noise.
* Use 50Ω BNC cable for all cables to be connected.
* When using, it is necessary to connect a 50Ω device to both of the 2 outputs. It cannot be used with one side open.
* Only for our 10MHz clock products. We cannot guarantee the characteristics when the conditions are different, such as other frequencies.