Low cost DC Power Supply CYB-LN02

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Precautions when ordering :
External DC power supply recommended for all Cybershaft OCXO products.
This linear DC external power supply is part number P50 from TOPPING.
We purchase this product, conduct a 48-hour endurance test for each individual, and provide products that pass the test.
This product may also be available in your country.
If you want to purchase this product at a lower price, we recommend looking for a sales site in your country.

Product Overview :
Uses a shield tridal transformer
It is ultra-low noise regulated using three ultra-low noise linear regulators TPS7SA4700.
AC115V/AC220-240V can be switched.

Specification :
AC Power supply: AC115V / AC220-240V Switchable ( 50/ 60Hz )
AC input connecotr : IEC C14 inlet
( AC cable is not included. )
Output voltage: 15V 1A (USB 5V x 2 not used)
Attached DC cable: Two attachments of 1.2m + 0.2m