50ohm BNC Semi-rigid cable

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This is a high-quality cable that can be used with confidence in audio/measurement, which is also used in our measurement standard.
Ideal for connecting high precision clock 50Ω output and audio equipment 50Ω input device.
In addition, we can match audio equipment with 75Ω impedance with our separate product "50Ω matching device".
The cable jacket is an insulator.

If you purchase multiple cables of the same length, change the quantity in the cart view.

Feature :
This is a must-have item that has been evaluated as "a very delicate sound that raises the clock by one rank."
●The cable for audio has a high vibration resistance because the outer conductor has a metal pipe structure.
● Since the shape is fixed, the transmission characteristics do not change due to unexpected bending of the cable.
● Compared with conventional products, the outer cover is an insulator, so you can use it without worrying about wiring contact.
● For upgrading the existing RG58A/U cable!

specification :
Cable standard: RG402
Connector shape: BNC
Impedance: 50Ω
Each product comes with a detailed SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) measurement test report.

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