OP21A-2/OP20A-2 Ultra Precision OCXO 10MHz Master Clock ( 2-output / EXT DC power model / With front acrylic panel )

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Introducing the flagship master clock, a testament to Cyber Shaft's expertise and rich history.

Drawing from the success and insights of our previous models, we wholeheartedly recommend this feature-packed flagship model. It comes equipped with an OCXO, boasting performance on par with the OP21A-D. By opting for a 2-output, we've achieved a harmonious balance of high performance at an affordable price.

In line with the OP21A-D, only the most stable units from our freshly-calibrated OCXO batch have been chosen and integrated. With the inclusion of three next-generation linear regulators, LT3045, we've adopted an ultra-low noise, high PSRR secondary power circuit. This ensures an astonishing low phase noise of -121dBc/Hz (@offset 1Hz OP21A).
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This product uses a brand new OCXO, and a unit with outstanding stability is selected and mounted by long-term calibration.
In addition to the OCXO unit, a robust heat insulating case composed of a magnetic shield plate and a heat shield board is added to maintain an environment where the performance of OCXO can be maximized.
The front panel is combined with a transparent cast material with a thickness of 4 mm to enhance the design.
The bottom of the chassis is made of 2 mm thick aluminum material + 8.4 mm thick laminated iron material, and has a robust vibration damping structure with a total of 10.4 mm thick plate. In addition, a strong magnetic shield using a 5.2 mm thick laminated iron material is configured around the board.
Uses aluminum die-cast 3-point support feet that can be stable on any installation surface. It can be replaced with an optional spike insulator with a 4 mm screw.
The output can be set to an impedance of 50Ω or 75Ω. (Registered utility model)
The function to insulate the GND side of the clock output from the GND of the main unit is the best way to protect against external noise. In most cases, insulating the GND will provide a noise-free connection and good results.
You can set whether to connect the output GND potential to the main unit's GND or to isolate it. It can flexibly handle complicated GND processing that differs for each audio system. (Registered utility model)
The DC supplied from the external DC power supply regulates the LT3045 with ultra-low noise and ultra-high PSRR inside this unit with a three-unit structure under the best conditions. Very clean DC is supplied to OCXO.
For the internal substrate, a copper foil substrate with a thickness of 70 μm, which is twice the normal thickness, is used. The internal layout, which has been verified many times, is in the best condition.
Equipped with an LED monitor that allows the oven circuit to operate normally and control the OCXO unit temperature.
Strictly measure characteristics using a highly accurate calibrated measuring instrument. The clock quality is guaranteed by plotting the phase noise and allan Deviation in the output section for each unit.
It comes with a 2-year free repair warranty.

Output GND insulation / enclosure GND selection function:

The output GND potential can be switched between "insulated from the chassis GND" and "housing GND". If the output GND of this unit is grounded in common, the GND potential difference between this unit and the connected device will flow through the GND of the connection cable, causing noise called a GND loop. Therefore, it is usually better to insulate the GND of each output for better noise resistance. Depending on the system you are using, the GND of each device may be firmly grounded. If there is no GND potential difference between these devices, it may be better to have the output GND grounded to the chassis GND to obtain better results against noise.
Since the environment of the audio system is various, you can choose the most suitable method according to your own environment. The bottom plate of this machine is equipped with a housing GND terminal.

External DC Power Supply:

This unit exclusively operates on an external DC power supply. It's imperative to have one on hand. We endorse our proprietary power supply (LTPW01P), but it's compatible with any linear power supply meeting the given specs. Required DC specs range between 13.5V to 16V at 1A.  The standard external DC plug is 2.1 mm/5.5 mm. Regular DC plugs are suitable; however, the [RS product 487-820] plug, which offers a screwable jack, is advised. [RS products are globally accessible. 

OCXO characteristics selection value:

The OCXO mounted on this product uses a stable OCXO unit that has been calibrated for several months. In order to perform the optimum selection as an audio clock, we are conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the phase noise characteristics and the short-term stability (Alan Deviation) that allows more detailed examination.
The product cannot be evaluated by measuring only the output characteristics of the built-in OCXO unit. The measurement of our calibration is not the output of OCXO unit directly, but is measured from the output terminal of this product in order to evaluate all the performance including the buffer circuit.

[ Selection characteristic value ]

 OP GRADE  Phase Noise @offset 1Hz/10Hz Allan Deviation tau=1s
OP21A-2  > -121 dBc/Hz / -140 dBc/Hz  > 1.60E-13 (0.000160ppb/s)
OP21E-2 [1]  > -121 dBc/Hz / -140 dBc/Hz  > 1.95E-13 (0.000195ppb/s)
OP21E-2 [2]  > -120 dBc/Hz / -140 dBc/Hz  > 1.60E-13 (0.000160ppb/s)
OP20A-2  > -120 dBc/Hz / -140 dBc/Hz  > 1.95E-13 (0.000195ppb/s)

* We have changed the previously announced reference value for each grade to the selection value actually used by us and released it. All products already sold are shipped with the OP selection values in this table.

-The OP21E-2 specifications are positioned as intermediate characteristics between OP21A and OP20A.
As in [1] and [2], either PN or ADEV meets the OP21A specification value.
The overall characteristics are almost the same for both [1] and [2]. [1] or [2] cannot be specified.

OP grade guarantee card :
An "OP grade certificate" with hologram is always attached to each OP grade product.
A tamperproof sticker is attached in the center. A hologram is printed on the right edge. In addition, a hologram sheet with the serial number described in the option grade certificate will be attached to the OCXO unit inside the main unit. Please be sure to check when purchasing for second use.
Guarantee card sample

Compatible audio products:

ESOTERIC Grandioso T1,K1X,K1,P1X,P1X,P1,D1X,D1,K-01XD,K-01Xs,K-01X,K-01,K-03XD,K-03Xs,K-03X,K-03,K-05Xs,K-05X,K-05,K-07Xs,K-07X,K-07,,D-02X,D-02,D-05X,D-07X,P-021,P-02X,N-01XD,N-01,N-03T,N-05XD,N-05,G-0,G-0s,G-0Rb,G-02,G-03X,G-25U,TASCAM CG1000 / dCS Vivaldi clock,Paganini clock,Scarlatti Clock / MUTEC iCLOCK,MC-3+,MC-3+USB / Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX HD,OCX-V,OCX,TRINITY,PURE2,ZODIAC PLATINUM,Amari / VMV SMSL D3 / DELA N1-S38 / Phasemation HD-7A / SFORZATO DSP-Vera,DSP-Dorado,DSP-Pavo,DSC-Vera,DSC-Drado,DSC-Grus,DSP-01,DST-01,DSP-03,DSP-05 / TEAC UD-701N,UD-503,UD-505,UD505-X,NT-503,NT-505,NT-505-X / SPEC RMP-X1 / Sound Warrior SWD-CL10 (OCX) / TechDAS D-7,D7i / M2TECH EVO DAC TWO PLUS,HIFACE EVO TWO / CH Precision C1,D1 / Triode TRV-CD6SE/BK / aurender W20,N20,N150 / soulnote D-3,D-2,S-3 / SOtM sMS-200ultra,tX-USBultra,SOtM sNH-10G (require master clock input function) /GUSTARD U16,U18,R26,A26,X26pro / Singxer SU-2 / iFi Audio Pro iDSD (Signature) / UpTone Audio EtherREGEN / Audio Gd DI-20HE,DI-20,R-7HE (version 2020),R-7 (version 2020)
Other, master clock generator with 10MHz clock input, CDP, DDC, DAC, Audio HUB, etc.
*If you are uncertain about the specifications of the device you are using, please contact us with the model name.

Precautions when ordering :
- The external DC power supply (LTPW02P) and connecting DC cable, which we recommend, are not included with the main unit. Consider purchasing the option set.
- The AC power cable is not provided when ordering the external DC power supply "LTPW02P".

Specification :

Accessories: instruction manual, test report, and phase noise/Alan Deviation characteristic graph
( BNC and AC power cable is not included. )
Output: 10 MHz x 2 lines, sine wave
Output level: 1.5 Vp-p ( with 50 ohm setting)
Output impedance: 50 ohms/75 ohms Each system is individually switchable
Output GND potential: Main body GND/insulation can be switched (each system can be switched independently)
Body size: W141mm x D210mm x H90mm (including protrusions) Optional use H100mm
Weight approx. 3 kg
External DC power supply: DC 13.5V-16V 1A 
External DC plug standard: 2.1 mm/5.5 mm screwable
○ 2-year free repair guarantee
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.